Paul Williams


Paul Williams


 Paul Williams has always been fascinated by sketching people in public places.He is interested  not only in capturing an impression of individuals but also the movements and positions subconsciously adopted by them.Pubs,bars and restaurants are the richest source of material.

He also paints interiors and nudes. Each of these activities, while producing paintings in their own right informs the painting of people placed in public spaces.




Paul Williams paints in the South of France and London dividing his time roughly equally betwen the two.

Exhibition History

2019The Burford Garden Centre Art Gallery
2018The Dome ,Port Vendres, France
201754 The Gallery Mayfair
2016The Burford Garden Centre Art Gallery
2016The Dome, Port Vendres
2016Llewellyn Alexander Gallery,London
2015The Dome,Port Vendres
2015The Burford Garden Centre Art Centre
2015Llewellyn Alexander Gallery, London
2014The Burford Garden Centre Art Gallery
2014The Dome, Port Vendres, France
2014Llewellyn Alexander Gallery, London
2014Twice short listed for Summer Royal Academy Exhibition
2013Espacio Gallery, London
2012Royal College of Art Shooting Stars Exhibition
2012Hogarth Club Chiswick
2011Artists at Home Chiswick 2011
2008Galerie D'Art, Olot, Spain
2007Salon International D'Art,Chateau Valmy, France,66700
2007Marie,Banyuls sur Mer,France, 66650